Catskills Gold Lip Balm


   This is the first (unscented) organic lip balm to combine local Catskills beeswax with African Shea Butter and Vitamin E.  Working with local beekeepers throughout the Catskill Mountains, we bring pure nature directly from the flower to the lips. 

   Known for its clean air and amazing water quality, The Catskills Mountain Range is some of the best preserved land in the Eastern United States.  The name Catskills Gold comes from the glowing gold appearance of these wax nuggets harvested by beekeepers in the area. 

   This balm has three essential ingredients intended to nourish lips in different ways.  Beeswax itself is known to both moisturize and soften lips while at the same time helping to lock moisture in.  Unlike petroleum lip products, beeswax is still biologically active and possesses essential nutrients such as Vitamin A. 

   Vitamin A is also naturally found in shea butter.  Shea butter is a mostly ivory colored fat extract from the nut of an African shea tree.  It is what we believe to be the greatest natural overall moisturizer for the human body.  Lastly, Vitamin E or tocopherols possess strong andioxidant qualities and help the body by protecting fatty acids.  This formula is simple and free of any other common ingredients found in most lip balm such as lanolin which is wool grease.  Our product is of course not vegan due to the use of the local upstate wax but we assure no bees were harmed in the making of this product..

Also available in a greatly discounted 5 pack 


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