Organic Bug Repellent


 A better brand of bug repellent that works as well as leading brands while only using natural ingredients.  This organic repellent spray is made in the Catskills using certified organic eucalyptus lemon oil, the only natural ingredient that the Center For Desease Control considers as effective as Deet in repelling insects (especially mosquitoes).  This product comes with free shipping and a money back guarantee (as well as a pleasant natural odor).

  One of the main reasons for using Eucalyptus Lemon in our initial testing was that it is the only organic compound recommended by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) as being effective in repelling insects such as mosquitoes.  Our testing is consistent with their findings and we feel it is the perfect natural ingredient to use as an alternative to harmful chemicals such as DEET.  This Organic Oil contains p-menthane-diol, a plant compound that has been proven in studies to be more effective than the leading chemical alternative, DEET. 

    Applying our Catskills Gold Bug Repellent every several hours in bug ridden areas provides natural protection against mosquitos and other annoying insects.  We use the highest quality USDA certified organic Eucalyptus lemon oil for maximum effectiveness.  $6.99 for our four ounce spray bottles.  Shake before use fir maximum effect.
You receive FREE shipping when purchasing 4 bottles of this item (or placing any order $25 and over in the U.S.).


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