Organic Source Multivitamin (Two months for the price of one)


  The only 100% food one a day that combines this array of nutrients.  It's simply the most vitamin rich one a day capsule possible using organic nutrients.  We literally combined the most ultra-concentrated food extracts on earth to create this supplement. Our organic Source Multivitamin delivers 100% (FDA daily recommended value) of vitamins A though E as well as iodine .  Every bit of beta carotene is from super concentrated Organic carrot extract just as every bit of Iodine comes from an organic kelp extract.  Additionally combining Cherries, Mushrooms and Plant Oil, this Immune support one a day uses unaltered superior natural nutrients from the foods themselves.  (As of 10/15 we are delayed a few days in production and will be shipping all orders the week of 10/22).


Nutritional Facts (veggie capsules)  Ingredients; Acerola Cherries, Carrots, Reishi Mushrooms, Plant/Soy Oil and Kelp                                             

Contains at least 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of the following using 100% organic food sources                                      

Vitamin A (5000IU), VItamin B12, Vitamin C 60mg, Vitamin D 400IU, VItamin E 30IU, Iodine 150mcg

Video: Real vitamin A source


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