Our Mission


To provide consumers with an
option for buying vitamins as they actually exist in nature.

99% of vitamins consumed in the United States are made in a lab using chemicals.  This is one of the darkest truths in the supplement industry.  Not only are these products synthetic but they are selling different molecules from the vitamins they are trying to recreate.  Some synthetic vitamins are not recognized by the human body while many others produce side effects.


Mr Chlorella

James Quinn has a degree from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has a thorough background in nutrition and chemistry,  Some of his professors played key roles in the inspiration for the products sold on this website which is dedicated to pure healthy food based vitamins.  His nutritional passion is for education on the benefits of algae for dietary supplementation; specifically chlorella as Earth's greenest food.  He spends most of his free time outdoors in the Catskills Mountains

Our Company

Working with experts in nutrition from many Universities as well as experts in Eastern and Holistic Medicine,
we have assembled a product line that offers food based alternatives for meeting vitamin requirements.


Our Products

We use the most pure, natural and organic ingredients, untampered just as they were found in nature.  
Learn more about our ingredients.



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