Ivermectin effective in Slovakia against Covid-19- Photo by Anna Shvets

Today’s earlier article outlined Merck and it’s history of ivermectin deployment. This article gets in to more detail about its effectiveness in lowering Covid-19 infection rates. According to a recent peer review, ivermectin is effective against the spread of SARS CoV-2 in that it can bond to the S protein of Sars Cov-2 in different areas, thus increasing the repertoire of this incredible compound.

But here is Merck’s statement on ivermectin from February 2021-

Company scientists continue to carefully examine the findings of all available and emerging studies of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 for evidence of efficacy and safety. It is important to note that, to-date, our analysis has identified:

  • No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies; 
  • No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and; 
  • A concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.

We do not believe that the data available support the safety and efficacy of ivermectin beyond the doses and populations indicated in the regulatory agency-approved prescribing information.

-Merck (February 4, 2021)

Ulterior Motives

Guess who received $268.8 million to assist in the production of Covid-19 vaccines less than a month after releasing that statement? A statement that is taken under paramount advisement by many international organizations such as the World Health Organization and our own National Institute of Health.

Merck was also the first company to to product ivermectin commercially produced billions of doses. They especially administered it in Africa to treat malaria and river blindness. Why were proponents of ivermectin not taken seriously? The data were encouraging over a year ago.

There was only one solution marketed since March of 2021. First of their kind mRNA shots with no information on their long term effects. And they were also hoarded by richer western nations while ivermectin has been administered many billions of times for pennies a dose. To think of the number of lives that could have been saved by handing out ivermectin is mind blowing. What is more that we currently have an alternative prophylaxis for those skeptical of mRNA shots.

There will be an investigation into this. A government can not say there is not enough evidence when the evidence is there. It is a classic “Catch 22.” Governments are hiding behind the parameter of a double blind study or peer review being a prerequisite for consideration. There was ample time to fund both of those events. There could be no emergency authorization of mRNA shots had an alternative treatment been presented.

The critical issue is that Ivermectin and other possible solutions were never taken into consideration. Many trials, including several last year in Argentina, showed that ivermectin could reduce health care workers chances of getting Covid 19 by 84%. But think of what that number means to the additional transmissions prevented by that number.

Slovakia was the first country in the EU to approve Ivermectin for treating Covid-19 (1/28/21). Although they had distribution snags in the first few weeks, we saw a peak daily new case average number (according to Worldometer) of 2,341 in March 4th. Their last day of data (5/30) is reporting 122 cases per day (7 day average) according to Worldometer. This is a decline in daily cases of 94.55% in less than three months in a country where currently only 16% of their population is fully vaccinated.

Heavily vaccinated countries such as the United States and Israel did not even come close to seeing that kind of a drop. Lets compare two month declines. Israel reached its max (7 day average) daily case number on January 14th. Two months later they saw a decline of only 71%. Similar results were seen with the rollout in the U.S. We had a peak number of 255,226 which declined 77.7% within two months. Slovakia, a country where less than one in six citizens has been fully vaccinated, is currently reporting a little over 100 cases daily. Their 7 day average (daily reported cases) dropped by over 81% in two months following the distribution of ivermectin (3/4-5/4). This was a faster decline that any country with an mRNA roll out.

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