Communist Leaders In China Want Praise For Handling of Coronavirus Outbreak

Wang Zhonglin is the party chief of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. Last weekend, he said that residents of his Province were not appreciative enough. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei, the province in which the coronavirus originated. Never letting a good crisis go to propaganda waste, Wang said the constituents need to show more praise to the Communist Chinese government. He called it necessary “to carry out gratitude education among the citizens of the whole city, so that they thank President Xi, thank the Chinese Communist Party, heed the party, walk with the party, and create strong positive energy.”

These are words coming from the leadership of a party that allowed the coronavirus to become a pandemic. The government knew the virus was coming from bats yet still allowed bat hunting and the sale of bat meat to continue. The 2020 deadly outbreak could have been stopped in 2003 as we had written last week. Countless countries and health organizations called on the communist Chinese party to do so.

Wang’s recent comments went viral with widespread criticism in China. These criticisms were met with government censors scrubbing most anti party posts. Though some state media reports including the quote remain accessible. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian recently said (in response to criticism) “In its efforts to fight off the epidemic, China has conducted itself as a responsible country,” He also brought up the 2009 swine flu pandemic, which he falsely claimed broke out in the U.S. (it started in Mexico). “I don’t remember anyone asking the US to apologize”

China has been getting very vocal about what it feels is a lack of appreciation from the rest of the world for its efforts to contain the outbreak as well as preventing the crisis from being even worse than it may turn out to be. This attitude comes from a communist regime known to have, at the very least, allowed the outbreak to happen in the first place. Over 3000 innocent Chinese citizens have already been killed by this outbreak. Hundreds of millions of people in that country remain on lockdown. President Xi was in Wuhan for an inspection tour yesterday. This was his first visit to the province since the outbreak began. This was done to show the world that the government has the outbreak under control.

Are the communist Chinese, delusional, antagonizing or outright lying about the events of the last few months there? Probably a little of all three. Hopefully their claims about the virus now being under control there are true. Top leadership doesn’t deserve any praise over it though. That goes to the first responders and anyone who helped contain the situation. The Chinese communist government caused the pandemic.

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