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Bob Saget, one of the most beloved and popular comedians of the last 30 years, passed away this weekend in Florida. Bob was still on top of the world, and had performed standup to a huge audience the night before his passing.

On the December 13th, 2021 episode of his podcast, Bob Saget’s Here For You, he disclosed that he had just received his booster shot the day before. He incorporated it into his comedy, joking about where he may have received the shot in his anatomy. He received his shot on 12/12/21. This means his death on 1/9/22 was less than a month later.

Bob has also said he had Covid at some point, but the dates are not clear. What do outcomes like this say about giving mRNA shots to those who already have natural immunity? It is highly likely that we will look back on this pandemic as a time where the most horrible set of rules and decisions were ever made globally. Many decisions have gone beyond incompetence to outright malevolence.

The purpose of this post is to document the fact that Bob Saget did actually pass away less than a month after receiving his mRNA booster. We are not speculating that the shot caused it, but his living less than a month after receiving a booster is a well documented fact. This is a time of unsurpassed censorship online. It is hard to even state facts on social media these days.

My website saw a drop in traffic of over 90% following the release of articles critical of the Chinese government regarding their handling of, and hand in creating, the virus that came to be known as Sars Cov-2. I am fortunate to have readers and customers who support our store. While the mainstream media considers anything outside of its script to be anecdotal, they are believed by a smaller number of people each day.

Rest in peace to Bob Saget. I hope he is in a better place now, and that his family can get through this time of mourning.

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