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Citrulline is Nature's Viagara
Citrulline can help pick up the slack of nitric oxide production in the blood as humans start to age.  There are countless arginine products on the market.  These are aimed at boosting nitric oxide levels in the blood; but are far less effective when used by people aged 40 and over.  This is because of the deterioration of the tissue used to create nitrtic oxide using the arginine itself; our endothelium.  The endothelium is one cell thick and lines your entire cardiovascular system.  It is the largest secreting tissue in your body and one of its main functions is to convert L-arginine...
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NASA Loves Chlorella
NASA is constantly researching the possibility of sending humans into space with perfect nutrition.  Chlorella has been at the top of this research list for over five decades. This is mainly a result of its perfect nutritional array including over 100 nutrients as well as 60% protein (more than double the content found in meat, fish or chicken).  Another main reason is because of its fast/efficient growth capability.  It even possesses the highest percentage of chlorophyll of any organism and is therefore very good at filtering carbon out of the air while in space.      Trying to send astronauts to the outer limits of the solar system...
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