Posted by James Quinn

The Real Costs of Sex Trafficking

One of this weeks top news stories was the alleged patronage of a Florida brothel by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.  If the charges stick it will be the first major scandal for the beloved sports team owner who bought the team a quarter century ago.

   Kraft is one of many day spa patrons being charged with misdemeanor solicitation during a months long police sting throughout central Florida.  Details are still coming out but the biggest tragedy here is the exsistence of widespread sex trafficing throughout the Unitied States.  Thousands of woman are being forced to conduct sexual favors in fearful situations that include deportation and violence.  Many of these woman are uneducated and are not allowed to learn English or other ways of assimilating to the AMerican culture.  They are not permitted to live lives outside the actions that allow financial gainn for their captors.  It is a worldwide problem and the United States is not immune to it.

    A strong case can be made for the legalization of prositution throughout the United States.  One benefit would be for the safety of woman and men who work in the industry.  The would have additional protection from violent abusers and would be able to keep more of their wages.  Legitimate taxes could be collected instead of squandered by pimps and kidnappers.  Perhaps the most important benefit would come in the containment of sexually transmitted diseases via testing and protocol for practicing safe sex.  The sex industry would be somewhat monitered by a new equivilent of social workers who could work to assure healthy work conditions were permitted.  

   This is a long debated prohibition but the main goal would be to provide as many sex workers with freedom and dignity as possible.  A lot of the woman were forced into a hellish life when they were innocent children.  It is one of the greatest innequities on Earth; people not being allowed protection of their own bodies.