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Top Organic Certification On Our Flagship Product
  Chlorella is our flagship product because it is the worlds most amazing natural nutrition source; perhaps an early template of our dietary needs as many algaes were ingested by our earliest multicellular ancestors.  This was in a time when nutrition flowed through us as these ancestors were simple sponges living in water.    Since its launch, Life, Not Labs has only sourced pure organic chlorella tablets and it is now with great pleasure that we are able to offer this fine product accompanied by the two top organic certificates available; those of the USDA and the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). ...
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Chlorella For Hangovers
Posted by James Quinn

Chlorella For Hangovers

   Chlorella is literally the greenest most chlorophyll packed substance on Earth.  Based on its abundance of nutrients and antioxidants it is easy to see that it would be ideal for preventing hangovers.  The earliest research on the effects of chlorella on hangovers was in 1996 at the Sapporo Medical University in Japan.    This study determined that consuming five grams of chlorella two hours before an evening of drinking lowered the effects of a hangover in 96% of participants.  By doing this before drinking one is loading the liver as well as the cardiovascular system with many nutrients that are depleted by the...
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HIV Studies Show Possible Benefits of Spirulina Use
This article focuses on two studies conducted several years ago by the Institute of Nutritional Sciences at Germany’s University of Giessen dealing with adult females in Africa living with the human immunodeficiency virus.  Subjects in both test groups responded better to the Spirulina diet even though the placebo group was given a supplement that was created to have a similar nutritional (soybean) composition to that of the experimental group.  Both studies lasted 90 days with the first monitoring 72 women who were given five grams of the respective supplements daily and were tested for the following at the beginning and end it. CD4 T-cell counts (higher good)...
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