Posted by James Quinn

PH levels and cancer

   The Potential of Hydrogen Scale (also refered to as the power of hydrogen scale)  is used to specify acidity or basicity of a solution and was first introduced around 90 years ago.  Many studies have linked the incidence of cancer with relative PH levels in the body.  When talking about sensitivity to slight changes in PH levels it is important to note that it is a logarithmic scale (like with earthquakes) where a seven is ten times more acidic than an eight.  This is very important when we consider the findings of scientists like Otto Warburg who determined that cancer cells both form and thrive in low oxygen environments consistent with acidity.  Blood is considered neutral at a PH level of 7.35 with an enormous differential in oxygen levels between 7.4 and 7.3.  Areas of the body such as the stomach are healthy with extremely low PH levels because of their functions.  Blood quality is heavily dependent on PH.

   Luckily the debate seems to be shifting from whether or not there is a link to what variables are causing this link.  Two very popular theories are the decreased oxygen levels is acidic solutions as well as the adaptation of cells to acidic environments causing them to become malignant.  This website is devoted to spreading the word on the benefits of alkaline supplements.  Two of our best sellers are chlorella and spirulina.  Both are sold in tablet form and rank at the very highest ph levels of any natural source on earth.  Our tablets are bullets in the side of the modern American diet; rich in acidic processed foods. 

    Cancer rates are highest in developed western countries where processed foods and franchise fast food is everywhere.  Countries with lower cancer rates usually have diets rich in vegetables and local foods.  Niger is the country with the absolute lowest cancer rate on earth (63 per 100,000 annually).   Their diet consists of daily salads and an assortment of veggies incorporated into every meal; all very alkaline with a balance of dairy and grain as well.  The average diet of someone living in this country is also basically void of additives and chemicals.