Posted by Steven McCall

Organic Raw Shea Butter Set For 2/1/19 Sale is pleased to be offering pure, organic, raw shea butter for sale starting February 1st, 2019.  We consider Shea to be Earth's most effective moisturizer and look forward to be offering it in its natural state.  Shea butter comes from nuts of the Karite tree (also known as the Shea Tree).  Native to central africa, these trees grow in the climate between the Saharah Dessert and the sub-Saharan African rainforests and normally reach mature heights of around 40-50 feet.  

Most shea butter products on the market today offer shea butter in labeling but in the ingredient list it usually shows up way down the label.  Some skin experts provide a rule of ten; in that a product should have no more than ten ingredients in it.  Why not have an ingredient limit of one when it comes to such an effective form of moisturizer?  The answer to that is that simplicity doesn't sell.  Products have to offer an array of buzz words lending to it being more trendy.  Additionally, big companies use fillers to bring down their production costs.  

She butter is comprised of a high content of what is considered a healing fraction.  This is the portion of the compound comprised of nutrients, vitamins and phytonutrients that contribute to healing and are more important for processes such as healing cuts.  Shea Butter can have a healing fraction slightly higher than one sixth (17%) whereas other seed oils con contain a healing fraction closer to one hundredth.  The healing fraction is also lower in many brand name moisturizers; this paired with the fact that many of them contain synthetic compounds only weakens the effectiveness of that healing fraction.  

Shea butter contains Vitamins A and E which have been proven to help skin healthy and clear.  Vitamin F has also been shown in studies to protect and rejunenate dry or chapped skin.  The study of shea butter has been extensive and has even been linked to healing allergies, insect bites and frostbite.  A small percentage of humans are allergic to shea butter so please be carfull when first using this product.