Posted by Steven McCall

Maple Syrup Lip Balm For Fall 2017 is very pleased to announce that our new Catskills Gold French Toast Lip Balm is completed and ready for sale October 1st 2017.  Working with local beekeepers and now Maple Syrup producers here in the Catskills, we've created a great tasting new lip balm that actually named itself. 

     The original Catskills Gold Beeswax has had a great first seven months on the market and is currently available in over 50 stores throughout the northeast.  We've decided to start this new flavor, French Toast with the ability to incorporate another local ingredient.  Like beekeeping, maple syrup production is a fascinating profession in rural areas and an incredibly natural source of good flavor.  It is also a laborious process and the end result is one more delicious product to put in our product line.