Posted by James Quinn

A two year self study of Chlorella's effects on the body

(originally written 12.1.15)  I can easily declare this current two plus years of taking chlorella to be the healthiest period of my life.  It has included stretches during which I have lived on this one food for days at a time as well as periods where I have avoided it entirely to witness the effects of not having it in my system.  Here are my observations-
Periods of 7-30 days of taking 2 grams (this is the recommended daily dose of Organic cracked-wall Chlorella available on my website)
Higher energy; a lot of this has to do with chlorella's ability to remove  toxins from the body; it acts like a reverse hangover and some studies  have actually shown several grams of chlorella to cure side effects of  drinking.  Chlorella is also very rich in natural B-12.  Most B-12 in  vitamins is made using cyanide and even high levels of it have virtually no  effect on my energy.
Better Digestion; at 40, my time taking chlorella has included my first  significant adult life stretches without heartburn.  Taking 2 grams per day  has ended the need to have antacids in my medicine chest.
No Cold or Flu symptoms; Chlorella is a natural multivitamin.  The extremely high  rates of Natural Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, and other vitamins are  extremely important to the immune system. (over two years without so  much as a sniffle)
Clearer Skin; Daily use of Chlorella gives the body 24/7 toxin removal  support. Pimples are at most a once a year occurrence now.
Periods of three or more days consuming at least 30 grams daily
Appetite suppressant;  100 grams of chlorella only contains around 420  calories but it contains at least 100% of our daily recommended intakes of  protein and most vitamins.  It is an extremely efficient food when it  comes to fullfiling nutritional requirement.   Chlorella contains the fullest  calories in nature.  I like to hypothesize that this has a lot to due with our  initial diet when we were first becoming multicellular in water.  Food  flowed through us and our ancestors relied on this to survive.
Increased Energy; Every 17 grams of chlorella contains over one gram of  natural arginine.  This is an extremely high amount; Chlorella contains  more than twice the amount of protein of meat, fish or poultry !  Arginine  is an essential amino acid and crucial for maintaining nitric oxide levels in the blood.
Periods of three days without Chlorella
Less Energy; Clearly, chlorella is providing me with many vitamins and  essential amino acids I need to consume constantly.  I feel increasingly    run down with every consecutive day not taking it.
Return of indigestion;  My digestive track is clearly getting significant  support from just 2 grams of chlorella daily.  Again, this is a 100% correlation.
Chlorella is what I believe to be the perfect food; I also feel our initial recognition and formation of early nutrition is a direct result of consuming similar algae around one billion years ago.  My study has ended and this means I will be consuming at least 2 grams of our Chlorella daily for overall immune support and energy.  It is the most extensively tested chlorella on the market.  I stand by it and would/as well as have given it to friends, family and even pets for overall health and immune support.